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Chargeback Expertz
  • Representment Services
  • Chargeback Prevention Notification
  • Year To Date Reporting
  • Win-Loss Reports
  • Customer Service Reports
  • Chargeback Reports
  • Processing Reports
  • Beat Chargeback Abuse
  • Recon Action
  • Streamline Your Processes

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Chargeback Expertz Technology

Year-to-Date Reporting

Chargeback Expertz provides an extensive report each month that combines valuable statistics and business information. This report includes Chargeback Reasoning, Win and Loss Data, Load Balancing Profiles.

Chargeback Management Reports

Chargeback Management Reports offer insights about Chargebacks! Our reports will answer some of the more important questions about your business: What are the reasons for Chargebacks and Disputes?

Monthly Risk Management Meetings

It is important to plan, communicate, and understand your business in order to grow. Chargeback Expertz mitigates fraud and reduces online Card Not Present Transaction Risk.

Representment Services

Chargeback Expertz provides Representment Services on Chargeback Disputes that were not prevented through its alert services, in an effort to reduce lost revenue and repair the reputation of the Merchant with certain issuers.

Win-Loss Reports

Chargeback Expertz helps to develop and support effective means for a Merchant to communicate outcome information on Confirmed Disputed Transactions. Our reports include actual dates, amounts, and even letters from Processing Companies stating Reversal Credit, on a Chargeback.

Chargeback Customer-Bank Support

Chargeback Expertz provides excellent standards of customer service, processing of returns, and email customer support. Recon and Action Reports, based on the Errors and the Merchant’s Calls/Emails/Returns reported, are provided.